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Bonsai Wiring - What is it and how to do it
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Bonsai Wiring: What Is It and How To Do It?

The main techniques for shaping a bonsai are pruning, pinching, and wiring. Bonsai wiring is a technique used to correct the position and inclination of the branches and trunk of the bonsai. Why wire a Bonsai? Correct the position of branches without…

Bonsai Lemon Tree
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How To Bonsai Lemon Tree

Bonsai is considered a spectacle of nature because of its beauty. The variety that they exist because of this you can choose from a large number of bonsai. Lemon tree bonsai styles to find the one you like the most….

bonsai tree flowers garden
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How to Create A Bonsai Garden

Creating bonsai trees overall bonsai gardens is one of the most excellent sources of enriching one’s skills in bonsai art. Many people also do it just from their hobbies and curiosities. People love to create bonsai gardens from ancient times…