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Bonsai Wiring - What is it and how to do it
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Bonsai Wiring: What Is It and How To Do It?

The main techniques for shaping a bonsai are pruning, pinching, and wiring. Bonsai wiring is a technique used to correct the position and inclination of the branches and trunk of the bonsai. Why wire a Bonsai? Correct the position of branches without…

Steps to Create A Bonsai
Bonsai Care

8 Steps to Create A Bonsai

8 steps to create a bonsai you do not have to be an expert, it is a matter of starting it. Whenever I visit the gardening area at any of my favorite stores, I always look for bonsai. For some reason,…

Bonsai Lemon Tree
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How To Bonsai Lemon Tree

Bonsai is considered a spectacle of nature because of its beauty. The variety that they exist because of this you can choose from a large number of bonsai. Lemon tree bonsai styles to find the one you like the most….

Bonsai Tools
Bonsai Care

Bonsai Tools For Beginners to Advance

Proper tools and equipment are very essential for taking care of bonsai trees. The basic bonsai tools include bonsai scissors, root cutters, wire cutters, concave branch cutters, pliers, pruners and wires. If you’re a beginner, you must have these basic…

bonsai tree seeds
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Guide to Bonsai Seeds

Growing bonsai trees from bonsai seeds can be a creative and delightful process to get bonsai trees from the beginning. This process also allows you to enjoy the beauty of sprouting trees from seeds and worship the unforgettable beauty and…

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Bonsai Care

Bonsai Care Guide

As we already know, bonsai need complete care and significant dedication. Having a bonsai and caring for it is more than a cultivation technique. It could be defined as an art. Some say that “a well-cared-for bonsai is a tree that…