Taking Care of A Citrus Bonsai
Bonsai Care, How To

How To Care For A Citrus Bonsai

The Chinese orange bonsai is not only famous for its fruits. Likewise, it is thanks to its flower called orange blossom. The latter gives off a pleasant smell during twilight since insects that pollinate are active at that time of…

Best Bonsai Tools Set
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12 Best Bonsai Tools Set

Nowadays growing bonsai trees isn’t only a passion but it can also be a lifetime profession for many bonsai growers. A number of bonsai tree lovers from all over the world have been very interested in planting and growing bonsai…

Bonsai Museum

Top 5 Bonsai Museums in the World

Nowadays, there are countless bonsai tree lovers all around the globe. Therefore, bonsai museums are also very popular among them. Almost every country has its own bonsai museum now and many people like to visit there on their holidays to…

White pine bonsai tree

5 Oldest Bonsai In The World

The oldest bonsai are a thousand years old, and they are still being tended to and cared for with meticulous care as on the first day they were planted. The Chinese Taoist monks of more than two thousand years ago…